Rotating Tumblers – Dark Orchid



Rotating Tumblers are the very best solution to combat license plate theft. There are not any keys or locks involved with this amazing product. Once installed your license plate attaching screws or bolts are completely safe and out of sight so a thief cannot remove them – even Vice-Grip pliers will not remove them due to a special manufactured (last forever) bearing which allows your Rotating Tumblers to rotate around and around and around without losing your license plate attaching screws (or bolts). Pliers, screw drivers, wrenches, socket sets, are all useless to remove your Rotating Tumblers. There is not another product that offers this complete protection against license plate theft.

As with all other license plate security products, there are not any holes on the front of our Rotating Tumblers which may allow thieves to “jam” a device (such as a small flat screwdriver) in order to remove them. We offer you two different styles of screw-on caps – one style is called a flat head. It is designed to accept Dome labels the other style is shaped like a bullet head. Both styles give you the protection you are looking for, and nothing else to purchase. Your satisfaction is guaranteed or your money back.

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