The Mini Black Phantom

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The Mini Black Phantom


  • Model: LU8000ABLACK
  • Shipping Weight: 0.25lbs
  • Manufactured by: Lockum -USA Manufactured


 The Mini Black Phantom

  • 2 Mini Red Phantoms- Single Package Add to Cart = 1
  • To protect front and back license plate order Add to Cart =2. 
  • Frames are optional and purchased under “License Plate Frames”!
  • Works Best on Flat Frames!
  • Click on Photos to Zoom in!

Lockum is offering two different diameters choose the one of your choice! The Mini Phantom Anodized Black  is a pair of 5/8″ five  eights inch diameter by 9/16″ nine sixteens inch long . Take a good hard look at Lockum’s new ” The Mini Phantom Anodized Black ” – can you see a place for a “key tool” to be used to install (or remove) our product?  There are not any key tools, there are not any keys, and best of all there are not any holes on the front face to accept a tool such as needle nose pliers, pliers, wrenches, or any other tool to remove our product. This is why we can Guarantee our “Phantom” products.

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