The Truth and the Myth!


On the web and in some other stores your options are basically the same – such as packages of screws, bolts, nuts and a “tool” used to install their products (or remove them when needed)




Our challenge to these products is that a person does not need the issued “tool” in order to remove their bolts or screws. Their “tool” which are all made the same for their particular product is not any different than your front door house key fitting your neighbor’s front door lock. However, the question then becomes how much trouble will a thief go in order to steal your license plates? Only “the thief” can answer that question!

Lockum can only guarantee that they offer the very best license plate security products in the world. We challenge any other company to prove us wrong!

One does not need a degree in engineering to see the faults in other products. For example consider the “Star Head” bolt or screw which looks impressive, however it can be removed with a small flat screw driver. Before we design a product we take into consideration all aspects of the product. Once you see our products and understand how they work, you will realize that they are the best!

Some companies print misleading information on their packaging. Notice the package with the words “Tamper Proof” and “Theft Proof”! These statements are not true! They are misleading.



Their product(s) can be removed easily using a cut-down paper clip and a pair of pliers or a pair of sharpened-down needle nose pliers.


Our products do not have any exposed holes staring you in the face. This is an invitation for thieves! Lockum products do not have any exposed holes to help the thief remove your license plates – CHOOSE WISELY!

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