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The first “Rotating Tumbler” that places your license plate attaching screws (or bolts) inside and hidden away from THIEVES! Once installed our “Rotating Tumblers” will rotate 360 degrees around and around and around – meaning that not even “Vice Grips” pliers will remove them. As for all of you Volvo vehicle owners who have not been able to find a license plate security product, you can finally purchase the “Rotating Tumblers” that will do the job!

The “Rotating Tumblers” are easy to install and are virtually impossible to remove without having the special mfg. tool that is (not available at your hardware store) plus several other steps will need to be met before your “Tumblers” can be removed. We guarantee thieves will not take the time needed (even if they had the special tool) to try to remove our new security device. The “Rotating Tumblers” are all manufactured in the USA.

A video demonstration below shows a person trying to remove the “Rotating Tumblers”. At his side are tools for him to use to try and remove the product. The tools at his disposal are” flat screwdriver, Phillip head screwdriver, Crescent wrench, socket wrench, open end wrenches. The one tool that will remove 90 percent of all license plate frames and license plates are the dreaded “Vice Grip” pliers. All of these tools including (Vice Grip pliers) are useless when it comes to removing your “Rotating Tumblers” protected license plates.

Our Rotating Tumblers will not only protect your plate and registration tags but also make your Favorite Sports Team Licensed Plate Frame stand-out.

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Eighteen years in business and many issued patents assures you of the very best products in which to secure your vehicle license plates and registration “sticker tags”. Lockum is the only company that offers you different choices. Some using locks and keys and some do not.


Lockum’s new style license plate “Rotating Tumbler Boobs” are not soft and fragile. We want to show you the best license plate security device ever invented. Once installed your “Rotating Boobs” will rotate 360 degrees around and around. Your existing license plate attaching screws are safely hidden inside and out of site. Our U.S. Utility patent # 9,914,411 was issued on the complex surrounding this product.

Unlike “security screws” there are not any holes in which a thief would be able to force a flat screw driver or a pair of needle nose pliers into the head of the screw, and this is a big problem with most security screws.

Notice that our “Rotating Tumbler Boobs” don’t have any “holes” on the face for unwanted removal and made in the USA out of heavy aluminum metal. When you order your product it will come with instructions plus spacers and two different accommodating tools.

You may order the “Rotating Tumbler Boobs” with or without the license plate frame that is displayed or you may order just the “Rotating Tumbler Boobs”.


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