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Generally, one of the very first things a car thief will do is switch license plates, however, when they discover that the vehicle has a “LOCK-UM” license plate frame, more than likely they will abandon the vehicle or not steal it at all. The beauty of all our security frame is just that! Once they are installed on the vehicle, they look beautiful.

We can only assume that you are on our web site because you or someone you know has had their license plates or registration tags (or both) stolen. It is happening all over the country more and more often for various reasons. Car thieves will generally switch license plates before or soon after they steal the vehicle. Also there are thieves that steal the license plates to take them elsewhere to remove the yearly registration tags. And then there are “pranksters” that steal “personalized” license plates to hang on their walls.


platedisplay1-126x300We at LOCK-UM decided to try and find a solution to this ever increasing problem. We went to my local auto supply store to see what was available to prevent (or deter) the theft of license plates and registration tags (or both). We did find bolts that required an Allen wrench and bolts that require “star” style screw drivers.  The tools to remove these bolts are found at any hardware store. Also available were plastic license plate shield covers. In California these plastic shields are illegal to display on your license plates while on public roads or highways. They are to be used “off” road only or if the vehicle is being stored and not driven. (The vehicle code states “no” cover shall rest over the license plate numbers). We came to the conclusion that there was not any devices for sale that would really protect and deter the theft of license plates and registration tags (or both).

We spent many many nights sitting at our kitchen table trying to figure out the best way to “lock on” license plates to the vehicle and deter the theft of “registration” tags and license plates. After many months of research and design in order to stay within the boundaries of the law we decided to use unbreakable  “unbreakable Lexan ” windows that would be placed over the registration tags only. All of the “unbreakable Lexan ” windows are locked on. Thus not covering any important license plate letters or numbers.  The logic behind these patented inventions are simple – if you can prevent thieves from getting to the screws or bolts that hold your license plate to your vehicle then we have accomplished about 100% of the battle.

Our LOCK-UM LU-1000B (black powder coated) frames are made in the USA of light weight ever lasting aluminum. They do not bend like a “pretzel”. They come nicely packaged with most commonly used screws, bolts, matching snap caps, lock dust cover caps, and also included in the package is a special “flat bar”. This “flat bar” is used on most commercial vehicles that uses a “bracket” to hold on their license plates. On the back of the cardboard you will find instructions regarding the use of the “flat bar”. We were awarded U.S. patents on all of our locking license plate and registration tag security frames.

The California State Legislation allowed the amendment of the old laws regarding what can and cannot be placed on or around the license plate and registration tags. Amended in Senate (via CA. State Legislation) April 29, 1999. Senate bill #532 section 8 – section 5201 of the vehicle code has been changed to allow unbreakable unbreakable Lexan windows that covers directly over the registration tags. (No other license plate numbers or letters shall be covered.) We hope by giving you this information that you will make the right choice in choosing the right and legal way to protect your license plate and registration tags.

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