Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Question: Why do people steal license plates?

Answer: Generally it is to take the plate to another location to remove the registration tag. Sometimes they are stolen to be placed on to another vehicle (perhaps a stolen vehicle).

Question: I have had my personalized license plate stolen two times – why do thieves do this?

Answer: Pranksters usually steal “catchy” personalized license plates so they can hang them on their bedroom wall as a trophy.

Question: On the market there are license plate screws (or bolts) that require a special type of wrench or screw driver in order to install or remove these special bolts or screws. Is this a way to defeat license platetheft?

Answer: It is a slight deterrent to the theft of license plates. Because most thieves carry special tools that are needed to remove these types of screws (or bolts).

Question: What is the difference between the folding reversible license plate security frame and just the regular locking license plate security frame?

Answer: The folding reversible frame allows you to install your registration tags on any of the four corners in less than ten seconds without removing the frame. Also the screws (or bolts) that are normally used to attach your license plate to your vehicle are now hidden out of sight so thieves cannot remove them. It takes longer to change your yearly registration tags with the other styles of locking license plate frames.

Question: Why is there a difference in price between all locking frames?

Answer: Some frames are made from aluminum which will never rust or deteriorate. Some frames are manufactured in the USA others are manufactured overseas.

Question: Why are license plate shields (plastic covers) illegal in many states?

Answer: They are illegal because generally the sun rays will “bleach” or dull the plastic that is used for these shields thus making it very difficult for anyone to read the plate numbers or letters (especially law enforcement). They also reflect light, such as headlights.

Question: Is there any other company that carries locking license plate frames for motorcycles?

Answer: Lockum Company is the only company to our knowledge that locks on motorcycle license plates and their registration tags. It too is reversible and folding.

Question: Can your frames be mounted on a Volvo with stud sticking out?

Answer: Yes – You may be able to use the LU-6000 Frame- Check dimensions. For details go to or click at the bottom at .

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