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The owner of LOCK-um has been issue several patents on different devices The latest is for the LU-6000 and LU600MC. We currently are seeking other patents. Below is a list of all patents and applied for patents.

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US Pat. 5871067 – First

Filed Oct 15, 1997 – Issued Feb 16, 1999
The present invention is a collapsible, folding emergency escape ladder having an attachment means for permanently affixing it to a window frame rough opening structural components that are present within the walls of all residential housed, a retention means for securing the ladder in the folded position, and a multiplicity of swivel link means for joining the multiplicity of ladder sections to one another. The attachment means for permanently affixing the emergency escape ladder to a window sill includes a rigid framework having attachment bolts/screws apertures disposed therein at predetermined locations that line up with the inner wall structural framework found surrounding windows in most, if not all, residential dwellings. The retention means for securing the ladder in the folded position includes a pin arrangement that may cooperate with a chain for gathering the collapsed foldable sections in a compact area next to the rigid framework attachment means. A preferred embodiment…
Feb 16, 1999 [54] PERMANENTLY AFFIXED FOLDING EMERGENCY ESCAPE LADDER [76] Inventor: Steve Parenti, 36425 Newark Blvd., Newark, Calif. 94560 [21] Appl. No. …


US Pat. D557647 License plate frame

– Filed Dec 11, 2006 – Issued Dec 18, 2007

18,2007 (54) LICENSE PLATE FRAME (76) Inventor: Steve Parenti, 36425 Newark Blvd ., Newark, CA (US) 94560 (**) Term: 14 Years (21) Appl. No. …



Reversible locking license plate and registration sticker tag …
US Pat. 6892483 – Filed Oct 28, 2002 – Issued May 17, 2005
A reversible license plate frame is provided that will prevent theft of a license plate and the registration sticker. The reversible locking license plate and registration sticker tag protection frame of the present invention includes a license plate frame comprising a heavy material frame that surrounds unbreakable windows that protect the registration tags regardless of which of the four corners of the license plate to which the tag may be affixed. This prevents the removal of the registration tags by unauthorized persons. To prevent theft, a locking bar configured to receive a cylinder lock covers the screws that attach the frame to the license plate mount. The cylinder locks cannot be removed without a key rendering the screws inaccessible.

Parenti (45) Date of Patent: May 17, 2005 (54) REVERSIBLE … AND REGISTRATION STICKER TAG PROTECTION FRAME (76) Inventor: Steve Parenti, …



License plate lock
US Pat. 6158154 – Filed Mar 31, 1998 – Issued Dec 12, 2000
The present invention is a locking device having a renewal sticker theft prevention window locking device that is applicable for license plates which display such renewal stickers in any corner of the license plates. The license plate locking means has the lock shackle positioned such that it would not be readily attachable or exposed to cutting such as by a hacksaw or other cutting device-that is the lock shackle is protected therefrom by enveloping the shackle in a protected enclosure.

United States Patent [w] Parenti [54] LICENSE PLATE LOCK [76] Inventor: Steve Parenti, 36425 Newark Blvd., Newark, Calif. 94560 [21] Appl. No. …



License plate protection frame
US Pat. App 11053354 – Filed Feb 4, 2005
A tamper resistant locking mechanism has a cylinder-lock receiver that is fixedly attached to an object frame that holds an object a user desires to be secured. An example of the object frame is the license plate frame. Other object frames include a frame for a painting or other work of art. The cylinder lock receiver is formed such that it has a depth that is sufficient so that the head of cylinder lock is recessed within cylinder lock receiver. A license plate frame incorporates the tamper resistant locking mechanism.



US 2005/0278995 Al Parenti (43) Pub. Date: Dec. 22, 2005 (54) LICENSE PLATE PROTECTION FRAME (76) Inventor: Steve Parenti, Newark, CA (US) Correspondence …
License plate security lock
US Pat. App 12658141 – Filed Feb 3, 2010
A license plate security device comprises a slip collar into which a license plate mounting machine screw is inserted. These are inserted into a spin barrel assembly with a closed bottom and an open top. The license plate is installed on the vehicle using at least one of these license plate security devices, more machine screws, and an ordinary screwdriver. A cabinet style key lock is inserted into the open end of the spin barrel and covers the head of the machine screw. A weather cap is snapped over the lock and spin barrel to keep out dirt, water, and ice. Removing the license plate now requires a key to remove the lock from the spin barrel to access the head of the machine screw. Turning the spin barrel only will not remove the machine screw because the collar creates a slip joint and will not transmit enough torque.
Steve Parenti, Newark, CA (US)



License plate security frame- Our most current Patent used with LU 6000 and LU600MC
US Pat. 7836618 – Filed Apr 3, 2009 – Issued Nov 23, 2010

A license plate security frame comprises a solid inner back plate that is secured to a vehicle and a outer front rim hinged to it that traps the license plate and covers the mounting screws. Hinges at the bottom allow the inner back plate and outer front rim to open like a clamshell, and a cylinder lock mounted at the top to the outer front rim engages a lock pin mounted to the inner back plate. Clear corner covers are included to protect any stickers on the caged-in license plate, and are attached inside the outer front rim in the appropriate corners. The main surface of the license plate including the license numbers and their background are exposed through the middle of the outer front rim.

Nov 23, 2010 (54) LICENSE PLATE SECURITY FRAME (76) Inventor: Steve Parenti, 36425 Newark Blvd., Newark, CA (US) 94560 ( * ) Notice: Subject to any disclaimer, …
As you can see we have been involved with locking license plates for many years. We are a trusted name in this field.e in this field.


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