LU1200 “Lockless” & “Keyless” Bullet-heads ** Coming Soon!

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Lockum’s “Lockless” & “Keyless” Bullet Heads does not have any small empty holes staring you in the face. This is a big mistake made by our competitors, because their locks can be compromised with sharpened donw needle nose pliers or cut down paper clips and regular pliers.

A thief will need at least three different size tools to remove the “Bullet Heads”. These tools are included in your package. Once installed the Bullet Heads will rotate 360 degress and will not loosen your license plate., attaching screws, bolts or nuts. The Bullet Heads will work on all vehicles including Volvo.


The competitor’s product with the exposed holes can be altered using a plier and a cut-down paper clips.


Another┬ácompetitor’s product that┬ácan be altered using a plier.

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